I. Full Session. There are two options:

Premium: This session format includes a detailed email summary of the patterns witnessed during the session along with a follow-up phone call. This type of session is ideal for someone who wants to further explore the findings from the session on their own (Initial premium session $180, follow-up premium sessions $150).

Standard: This will explore your point(s) of focus to the same depth as a premium session, but the pattern descriptions in the email summary are much less detailed and there is no follow-up phone call. This option is for people who are primarily interested in symptom relief and the problem-solving potential of PRE, or for existing clients who are already familiar with their primary patterns from past sessions. (initial standard sessions $130, follow-up standard sessions $110).

Possible uses for a full session may include:

uncovering the non-physical factors (emotional, psychological, psychic) that perpetuate chronic pain or illness

● addressing a chronic, debilitating emotional or psychological state such as depression, panic attacks, phobias, nightmares, or sexual shame

● assisting in recovering and healing more quickly from an acute injury such as a car accident, head injury, or fall

● revealing the underlying beliefs and emotional patterns that make it difficult to let go of habitual behaviors or attachments to substances.

Pets and Animals: They respond much quicker in general than human beings to PRE. Consider a PRE session for your pet instead of a trip to the vet if you want to avoid antibiotics and steroids, invasive procedures, and undue stress to the animal. ($110 per session)

II. Naming Session: Naming is a simple, powerful tool you can use to work independently with the material in the full session summary. Naming can provide valuable insight into how the mind keeps us asleep to its deeper agendas and motivations, and how it creates our experience of health on all levels.

Through Naming you can learn the unique language that will facilitate communication between your conscious and unconscious mind, allowing you to witness the physical body’s role in that relationship. ($75, one-hour phone session)

III. Consultation: I’m now offering consultations which can take one of two forms:

(1) a one-hour phone call to focus on a concern such as workplace or relationship dynamics, difficult decisions, a life transition, feeling stuck, or

(2) an email correspondence if you just want input on a specific item. For example, someone could email me and ask: Is this medication going to be toxic to my system? Is there an undesirable energy in my living space that is affecting my health and emotional state? Why am I suddenly having persistent, intrusive thoughts about (fill in the blank)? ($75 per consultation)

IV. Parallel Life Reading: It is not a novel notion to suggest that the primary relationships in our lives–whether family, friends, intimate partners, or business associates—have been repeated in other existences with similar dynamics. I refer to these as parallel lives because they can present themselves as being from the past or in the future.

A parallel life reading examines scenes from other lifetimes involving a key figure or situation from your current life for the purpose of clarifying sources of friction, unresolved emotions, or feeling trapped in an unconscious play with that person. ($110 charge, includes follow-up phone call.)

If you are unsure which option is right for you, please email me at and I’ll give you my best impression.

Here is the summary of charges:

Full Session

Premium: Initial $180, follow-ups $150

Standard: Initial $130, follow-ups $110

Pets/Animals: $110

Naming session: $75

Consultations: $75

Parallel Life Reading; $110

I accept payment through PayPal or Venmo and my ID is the same for both:

Coaching Sessions

For $80 per month you will receive two personalized hour-long coaching sessions on recovering your inherent intuitive abilities.

Rather than train you in a particular technique, my intention is to provide you with a basic framework of principles to use as a departure point to develop your own approach. Participants will go at their own pace and only work on the skills that interest them.

This is not going to certify you as a shaman, energy worker, witch, or paranormal investigator. Even better, however, it will provide the opportunity to be a human being with a greater range of expression and broader experience of life.

You may be surprised at the overlap that exists between these different skills and how quickly they return to you.

Session themes include:

1) Distinguishing when you are grounded or ungrounded. In a nutshell, this is the ability to sense whether you are in a place of authentic choice or lost in old patterns that dictate a limited menu of responses to given situations.

2) Discovering your reliable indicator. This is a critical ability to receive consistent “yes” or “no” answers from your non-intellectual, non-rational self that will serve you in innumerable situations.

3) Assessing and treating a health concern for yourself, a loved one, or an animal or pet. This includes using surrogates such as illustrations, lists of terms, or models.

4) Evaluating and clearing residual energy from living spaces and property. All of us know what it feels like to encounter a living space or environment that does not feel welcoming or healthy. This is often as a result of memories that are lingering in the environment from past tenants or traumatic events.

5) Releasing spirit attachments from your own or another’s energy field. Although this may seem daunting to some people, it is no different than telling a living person to leave your home. Recognizing the existence of these attachments and revealing a little bit of their story is 95% of the procedure.

6) Clarifying past or future life connections to significant people and themes in your life. This will provide insight into questions such as why particular relationships are inexplicably problematic; why certain people are a consistent presence in your life; and which themes have been recurring for you across lifetimes.

6) Developing your own oracle to consult each day. Wouldn’t it feel better to leave the house in the morning with some sense of what is “on tap” for your psyche that day, and consequently what you may attract in your activities? Together with grounding yourself, this is another way to start your day without a bullseye on your forehead.

7) Employing strategies to free your hidden or repressed self: I’ll present ways that you can proactively approach the revealment of your hidden self, without waiting for unintentional demonstrations such as Freudian slips and other forms of self-sabotage. You will have already encountered some of these hidden aspects in past PRE sessions in the Identity Readings.

The purpose is to liberate the trapped vitality that is used to uphold old identities that no longer serve us, such as Victim or Martyr, and allow the expression of other aspects of our nature that have been neglected or repressed entirely.

The only point I would insist on is that we use the very first coaching session to address grounding and discovering your indicator, because these two are essential to moving forward with any of the other subjects.

Potential benefits include:

– Reacquainting yourself with the unique language your psyche needs to hear to unlock patterns that are hindering or limiting your expression.

– Developing a consistently inward-focused state so that you wean your mind from always needing external confirmation and assistance, and be able to trust yourself, above all.

– Training your busy, intrusive mind to cooperate with your intuition, rather than always experiencing it as a barrier to accessing your feeling self.

– Learning the practical application of principles that are generally regarded as just philosophical or metaphysical discussion points.

– Gaining greater independence from the health care system and practitioners in general by discovering the enormous influence you have on your own health and well-being.

You will also receive:

1) A 50% discount on any regular PRE sessions for yourself during the period of the coaching sessions.

2) A free PDF copy of my book, “Activate Your Inner Physician,” which will act as a reference for our sessions.

3) Participation in an online forum where I will answer questions regarding your coaching sessions. This is very useful as there will certainly be concerns others will encounter similar to your own.

4) Homework to maintain continuity between sessions.

I ask that you commit to at least one month to see if it is something that you feel drawn toward exploring more deeply.

If you would like to take part or have questions, please respond and let me know which skills interest you and we will take it from there.


James Rolwing